Stef Choi Ceramics Art Show

Holiday Pop-Up


Japanese Pop Up Art Show


We're doing it again this year with two locations and twice as many artists!!
Sawako Ninomiya of Tambourin Gallery in Tokyo will be hosting a pop-up art show at Hello! Good Morning! and Cargo. Please join us for an exhibition of young and upcoming Japanese artists.
Opening party at Hello! Good Morning! is on first Thursday, August 2nd, 4-8pm. The opening party at Cargo is on Sunday, August 5th, 2-6pm. The show will run for the month of August.
Artists at Hello! Good Morning!
Masanori Ushiki - 牛木匡憲
Motohiro Hayakawa - 早川モトヒロ
Takuto Adachi - 足立拓人
Kenichiro Mizuno - 水野健一郎
Tetsunori Tawaraya - 俵谷哲典
Toru Ogasawara - 小笠原徹
Yasuhide Uemura - 植村泰英
Yurika Uchida - 内田百合香
Sawako Ninomiya - 二宮佐和子
Artists at Cargo
Hana Hotate - 保立葉菜
Naoyuki Minamide(NANDE) - 南出直之(NANDE)
Tae Takegami - 竹上妙
Tomoki Watanabe - 渡邉知樹
Tomoko Usami - 宇佐美朋子
Yuka Miyajima - 宮嶋結香
Sawako Ninomiya - 二宮佐和子
See pictures from last year here!

Mobile Workshop


Making a Mobile Workshop at Hello! Good Morning! in Portland, Oregon

Craft workshops at Hello! Good Morning! gift shop in Portland, Oregon.

This here is my good friend Chris! He and I are going to be making mobiles together in the shop this Sunday, February 4th, and you all are invited to join us!
We will provide all the materials needed so that you can take home your own creation. It’s going to be stress-free, easy and FUN!!!
11 am to 5 pm
Sunday, February 4th
2419 NE Broadway St.
Donations accepted.


The Snowflake Man

We are having a puppet show!
Sunday, Jan. 21st
1 pm to 2 pm

Ages 4 and up... although all ages are welcome!
by Sarah Frechette

This is the story of Wilson "SNOWFLAKE" Bentley. The first person to ever photograph a single snowflake!





August Pop Up Shop






A pop-up shop coming this August to Hello! Good Morning!
Sawako Ninomiya's Embroidery Popup Shop & 7 Japanese Artists Show
selected by Tambourin Gallery, Tokyo.
A show stemming from a longstanding love between Portland and Tokyo!!
Please join us for the opening party!
HELLO! GOOD MORNING! 2419 NE Broadway Street
Thursday, August 3rd from 4-8PM

Japanese treats and sake will be served
Sawako Ninomiya, show curator and contributing artist will be here!
    ・Kenichiro Mizuno - 水野健一郎
    ・Masanori Ushiki - 牛木匡憲
    ・Motohiro Hayakawa - 早川モトヒロ
    ・Takuto Adachi - 足立拓人
    ・Toru Ogasawara - 小笠原徹
    ・Yasuhide Uemura - 植村泰英
    ・Yurika Uchida - 内田百合香
    ・Sawako Ninomiya - 二宮佐和子
    Artist information here: